Month: November 2016

Lake Titicaca

TRAVEL Peru and Bolivia’s        Ancient Sea          Exploring Lake Titicaca Simona Taylor, Clare, Ireland 08 / 11/ 2016 When I was a teenager longing to travel to wonderful, distant lands, I imagined Lake Titicaca to be one of those remote, enchanted places where the boundaries between reality and legend, between past and present become less clear. Maybe I was inspired by seeing photographs of its limpid, deep blue waters surrounded by snow-capped mountains; even the word ‘Titiqaqa’, meaning ‘the grey puma’, which refers to its shape, fascinated  me. Now that I have been...

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Enchanted Forest Gardening

Enchanted Forest Gardening Article by Brigunath Photographs by Jan Stefanik An edible forest garden ideally includes trees, shrubs, bushes, plants from around the world that will grow in this climate zone. Designing a forest garden can either begin by planting trees and shrubs in what is currently a field or meadow. Or alternatively, by clearing or thinning trees to establish a glade for planting fruit bushes and other perennials. Dynamic conversions proceed from both ends of the spectrum simultaneously.    Where I live in Mountshannon, rowan, hawthorn and elder thrive in the acidic soil. Thus I have planted...

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